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BF Evergreen Technology Sales Team One Day Trip to OCT East on New Year Holiday

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Update time : 2017-01-06 15:45:43

On the day of Dec31th of 2016, All BF Evergreen Sales comes to OCT East in Shenzhen, to celebrat the New Year Holiday .

All people meet at BF Evergreen led bike lights factory at 08:00. and we drive to OCT East.

Fortunately, we did not meet traffic jams, it takes around 30 minutes to the destination,pretty fast.

Today we come to KNIGHT VALLEY, This park combine Mountain Country Park and Urban theme Park.reflecting the natural landscape and entertainment,which attracted a large number of younger visitors.

BF Evergreen Sales Team:

Gold Seller:

Knight Valley Waterfalls:

Seafield Village:

LED cyclorama lamp:

4D Movie:U-Boat Adventure:

Jungle shuttle:

Wooden roller coaster:

After one day travel, everyone feel so tired .

We had dinner together, and back to home .

It is a tired but happy day .