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Paper Material Prices Rising in China, Leading to the Packaging Cost Rising

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Update time : 2017-10-12 17:38:49

High cost paper can "cure" excessive packaging ?

Recently, many manufacturers are bothered by "paper" . The best selling season is coming soon, but the "skyrocketing" paper prices not only makes the cost rising, but also makes lots of suppliers facing a shortage of packaging cartons.

Every Mid-Autumn Festival, the "luxury" packaging of the moon cake, always makes people discuss the excessive packaging. While, the paper price rising this year, can end the excessive packaging? A moon cake supplier said : In Mid-Autumn Festival of 2016,Their cost for moon cake package is USD0.46- USD1.6. This year, the package cost increased USD1.6/PC .

On September 11, the largest paper companies in China, Nine Dragons Paper announced the increase in the price of cartons, which is the fourth time price rising after August . Reporters learned that nearly a year, the price of  paper soared 70%.

According to the Chinese paper network data, since paper price rising, many cardboard carton factory also increasing the price, The cardboard carton prices are generally raised 7% to 30%. And many people think : the paper price will keep raising,  and may cause more paper shortage. 

As the paper price keep rising, our packing cost is rising, we may increse our selling price according to the market .
Meanwhile, we advise you to choose simple package to save packing cost, and meanwhile protect the environment, avoid unnecessary waste.:)